Sep 16, 2009

Give me a head with hair....

When I was four, my parents chopped off all of my hair to make it easier on my dad in the morning since my mom had to leave early to go to work.  My first day of kindergarten, the little boy sitting across from me at lunch asked, "Are you a boy or a girl?".

The humiliation continued all through elementary school with one bad haircut or perm after another.  For this reason, every Christmas I'd ask for the doll or Barbie with the longest hair I could find and then spend hours combing, braiding, and styling it.  I promised myself that if I had daughters, they would always have long, beautiful, perfectly styled hair.

Then I actually had daughters.  Cue reality.

I've been blessed with two little girls, ages 8 and 6.  My older daughter's fine hair breaks very easily, and if not trimmed regularly, she begins to resemble something from Fraggle Rock.  As a result, she's never had her hair past her shoulders.  My younger daughter has a head of thick, beautiful hair, but wails like a banshee whenever I even begin to comb it.  If you could hear her, you'd think I was simultaneously combing her hair and sawing off a limb.

I'd tried several different drugstore detanglers, all of which fell short of getting the job done without breakage and tears.  Then I found a miracle Actually, that's what it's called, Miracle Detangler for Babies and Up by Original Sprout.  The kids' salon where I take my son carries the Original Sprout line and the stylist talked me into buying it.  No small feat considering a 4 ounce bottle costs $10.95.  "A little goes a long way," she said.  And she was actually right.  I use a fraction of this stuff compared with the drug store detanglers I used to buy.  But the point is, it's amazing.  No more breakage, no more tears.  Life is good.
Click here to find a retailer near you or purchase it online.  This is the 4 ounce spray.  They also sell a 12 ounce bottle for $24.95.  It's available through other online retailers, but all of their prices are pretty much the same.

All of Original Sprout's products are soy, honey, and gluten free, biodegradable, made with 100% natural vegan ingredients and are used by many celebrity moms..blah..blah..blah..blah..........  Oh I'm sorry, I must have dozed off.  Now don't get me wrong.  I am grateful that this stuff will not seep through my child's scalp, into her bloodstream and cause hormone disruptions, but otherwise, all I really care about is that it works.

Well there, you have it, my first official "Love These Products" post.  Please let me know what you think.  I have a million other amazing products in my head that I can't wait to tell you about.  lotsalove!


Az Bradys said...

SOOOOO excited to buy this product. I just cut my 2 year old's long, beautiful, curly hair because neither of us could handle the daily torture session of hair brushing. We cut it off to her shoulders and found out that it still tangles just as badly as when it was long and I am NOT willing to shave it just yet. So THANK YOU for the suggestion!

-Megan Brady

You can see her haircut pictures on our blog.

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