Oct 23, 2009

Bar Keepers Friend...and Yours and Mine

As I told you in my post about Spray Way Glass Cleaner, I love, love, love multitasking products!  They mean less hassle, less money, and more room in my cupboards.  Bar Keeper's Friend Cleanser and Polish is another one of those cleaning products that you may not see advertised, but is a superstar when it comes to cleaning.  It cleans stainless steel, fiber glass, porcelain, glass and enameled cook tops, copper, tile, brass, chrome, and removes stains from laundry.  It even removes rust and hard water deposits.  I told you it was a superstar!  Bar Keeper's friend cleans better than Comet or Soft Scrub, without scratching or any harsh fumes.  Just give me a can of Bar Keeper's Friend and Spray Way and I can practically clean my whole house! 

 I've been especially impressed with the way this stuff removes the cooked on black stuff from my white enameled cook top better than any other cleaner I've tried.  It also does a beautiful job on my white porcelain kitchen sink and chrome faucet, making them look like new!

The only local store I've found that carries Bar Keeper's Friend is Bed Bath and Beyond, where I picked up a 21 ounce can for $2.99.  The store locater on the product's website claims that Target, Walmart, and Albertson's also carry it, but I haven't seen it in any of those stores.  Ace Hardware is also listed although I haven't looked there.  Amazon carries the entire line of Bar Keepers Friend products as does the company's official website which offers online ordering but you have to buy 4 cans at a time (4-21 oz cans/$8.50).

Please read all instructions and warnings before using.  Happy scrubbing!  lotsalove!

Coming soon..."Natural" Peanut Butter taste test!


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