Oct 6, 2009

Food Products I Love...Coming Soon

I've been a practicing registered dietitian for 10 years and have worked in hospitals, nursing homes, a dialysis center, adult day-care centers, and with community-based nutrition programs.  But, trying get a balanced diet into my four very different children has been and is my most challenging and rewarding job ever.  Because making sure our kids eat well is sometimes an overwhelming responsibility, soon I'll be including posts to help you wade through the commercial hype and find yummy and nutritious products that your kids will love, or at least like.

Since most people I come in contact with outside of the health care industry aren't really sure what a dietitian is or does, I thought I'd take a second to clarify this and establish a little credibility while I'm at it.

Most people are more familiar with the term "nutritionist", but the definition varies from state to state.  Some states have licensure laws for using the term, while in others, anyone can hang out their shingle and start doling out nutritional advice with little or no training.

In contrast, the term "registered dietitian" is a legally protected title and can only be used by someone who has completed very specific educational and supervised practice requirements.  All dietitians have a minimum of a BS degree nutrition or a similar field, but many also have graduate degrees.  Dietitians must then complete an accredited internship program, usually a year or more in length, and pass a national registration exam.  We also need to complete a required amount of continuing education every 5 years to maintain the title.

Whew!  Clear as mud?

So stay tuned.  I'm hoping to post a great food product for kids this week.  And as always, if you have any questions or product suggestion, please leave a comment or send me an email.  lotsalove!


Alison said...

Look at you with your cute blog design. Looks great! And...I'm looking forward to your foodie finds. =)

Angie C said...

Thanks Alison!!!

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