Oct 29, 2009

Have You Seen Me?

I apologize for the lack of posts this week.  Life has been nothing short of crazy, however, I have been busy searching out "natural" peanut butters for my upcoming taste/cost comparison.  But there is one that, although I have heard good things about, I have yet to see on a store shelf.  

Have you seen me?

When I tried to locate a store that carries it, it gave me the address for a Target that's 11 miles away even though there's at least four other Targets much closer to me.  So if anyone has seen Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter out there, please let me know! 

Do you think I should hang up flyers around my neighborhood? lotsalove!


Alison said...

Well good luck finding your Smuckers...I personally like the Von's organic brand of peanut butter, as well as the whole foods organic brands. Yes they have sugar...but they are creamy, spreadable and not pesticide laden, like most conventional things that come out of the ground. And it's not like peanut butter is health food anyway, right? =)

Angie C said...

That depends on your definition of "health food". Yes PB is high in fat, but the fat is monounsaturated so it can help lower cholesterol levels. Plus it's a great source of protein and fiber (just like legumes) so in a pinch, makes a good meat substitute in a meal. Although, there are a lot of great organic PB's out there, I'm specifically looking at ones with only 2 ingredients, peanuts and salt. The rest either have hydrogenated or tropical oils, both of which are already in most of the processed foods we eat and are not heart healthy fats. In addition, my kids already get enough added sugar. They don't need it in their peanut butter. It really all comes down to what matters to each of us personally. Thanks for the info!

Alison said...

Another thought...have you tried making your own? It is really easy-just whir unsalted, roasted peanuts around in your food processor, add a bit of extra peanut oil if necessary, and season with salt. My kids love it, especially since they had a hand in making it. The other brands I mentioned (vons and whole foods) also have a just peanut and salt variety as well.

Angie C said...

My husband made it once. He tries to make everything himself (mayo, cheese, yogurt, bread, hummus, chocolate sauce, ground beef, etc). I just laugh at him and then run to the store. I'll check out Vons. Unfortunately, we don't have a Whole Foods near us. Bummer!

Marilyn said...

I eat the specific carbohydrate diet and the Smuckers is what I eat. We get it at Wal-mart.

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