Oct 20, 2009

Turn Water Bottles Into Sports Bottles

A mom in my play group introduced me to Gerber Graduates Spill-Proof Water Bottle Spouts which turns any ordinary water bottle in to a sports bottle.  This product is literally an answer to a prayer for me (Thanks, Kelly)!  

My 3-year-old chews on EVERYTHING and has all but destroyed every sippy cup and reusable water bottle we own, and when I just give him an open water bottle, more gets on him than in him.  These water spouts are made of such hard plastic that my son has no choice but to drink out of it like a normal human being, AND they truly are spill-proof!  I can now hand my son a full, open bottle of water in the car with no qualms.  That is, until he decides to give it a good squeeze when it's full.  But he hasn't thought of that...yet.

The spouts just pop on and off of the water bottle and are reusable and dish washer safe.  My daughter's teacher allows her students to bring water bottles into the classroom if they have a sports bottle spout.  I save a ton of money reusing these spouts instead of buying water bottles with a sports top already on them.

You can find these at Albertson's supermarkets in the baby aisle for $1.49 each.  I haven't found them in any other stores, but they are available online for $3.95 per-2 pack with minimal shipping costs.  The recommended age for this product is 12 months+.  Happy sipping!  lotsalove!

P.S.  If you enjoy this blog, please tell a friend.  I have yet to find my niche in this vast blogosphere, but not for a lack of looking.  So until I do, word of mouth is my best friend.  Thanks in advance! - Angie


Heidi Davies said...

I LOVE these for Athen. He does pretty well with a water bottle, but I love the added security. And he loves the crunching noise the bottle makes as it deflates.

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