Oct 11, 2009

Window Markers

I read somewhere that Angelina Jolie lets her kids color all over the walls to encourage their creativity.  Ummm, yea, well I guess my kids' inner artist doesn't stand a chance because that's not happening in my house. 

I did come across a product that lets my kids experience the euphoric feeling of  coloring all over the walls without having to hire someone to repaint the interior of my home every few months.  Our living room has a sliding glass door that almost takes up the entire wall thanks to an extra panel of glass on the other side.  It's a huge pain to keep clean, but when when I found Crayola's Window Markers, I new my kids would have a blast coloring on our "wall o' glass".

And boy did they!  They spent hours drawing, doodling, and even working out their math homework on their new canvas.  And when I decide I want clean windows again, I wipe it off with a damp cloth, then a dry one, and presto...good as new!  Eat your heart out Angelina!

Crayola Window Markers (8-pack) are available on their website for $5.49 + shipping, but I picked mine up at Walmart for $3.64. The label warns not to let ink remain on your glass for extended periods of time or it may be more difficult to remove.  Have fun!  lotsalove!


Az Bradys said...

We fell in love with these too but our absolute favorites are the crayola window crayons. We got ours at target for less than $4. We get both sets out and the kids go at our sliding glass door until you can't see through it. Fun stuff!

Angie C said...

Thanks for the comment. We'll have to try those too!

Shannon said...

I use the markers to leave messages for my honey on the mirror but never thought to let my kids at 'em. Do they wash off walls is my question?

Angie C said...

Shannon, I wrote on my walls for you! The window markers wiped off easily. I just wouldn't leave the ink there for too long.

Shannon said...

wow you are brave (smile)...thanks for being willing to stain your walls for me, you are a good friend.

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