Nov 30, 2009

Shower Power Lives!!!

My freshman year of college, I lived with five other girls in what was referred to as a "cooking dorm".  It consisted of three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a tiny eat-in kitchen.  We were not slobs by any means, but when the quarterly cleaning inspections would come around, the six of us would literally stay up all night cleaning.  You see, the dorm not only needed to be clean, it had to look brand spankin' new, despite the fact that these dorms were built in the 1950's.  (All you BYU alum will relate.) These nearly impossible standards were met through the use of one amazing product, Shower Power.  In fact, we were required to use Shower Power to clean the showers, tubs, faucets, and even inside the dishwasher because it was the only cleaner that could restore these things to nearly new condition after daily abuse use by six coeds.

A really pathetic picture, I know.  It's the best I could do.

After I was married, I continued to use Shower Power, convinced that I would never use another shower cleaner as long as I lived.  Then one terrible day, I couldn't find it on the store shelf.  So I went to another store, then another, and, well you get the picture.  It had disappeared, and I was ticked!  But I'm the type of girl who'd rather sit around and whine about a problem instead of actually do something about it.  So eventually, I gave up looking for it and tried another cleaner, then another, and, well you get the picture.

Then just a few weeks ago, my awesome sister called me and suggested I blog about Shower Power.  I said that I'd love to but I hadn't seen it on store shelves in years.  Then she told me about a magical thing called "Google" that will lead you to whatever your heart desires.  Duuhhhh!  Why hadn't I though of that?!  Apparently the company that makes Shower Power couldn't make it fast enough, so they decided to sell it exclusively through their own website.  Well, I felt like a total idiot.  All these years, all I had to do was order Shower Power online, instead of spending hours scrubbing my tub with inferior products.  As soon as I hung up with my sister, I ordered myself a couple of bottles, post haste!

Once my package arrived, I clutched the familiar blue bottle to my chest, and danced around the house singing "I can't wait to clean the shower!", over and over again.   I'm sure my husband thought I had already opened the bottle and inhaled deeply by the way I was behaving.  But seriously, this stuff really, really works, and I was delighted to find that the formula has not been changed a smidge since I used it in college.  My shower was pretty bad off since I was waiting to clean it until the Shower Power arrived and six of us use the same shower/bath daily.  (I need a bigger house!)  But with very little elbow grease, it was clean as a whistle again.  I love love love this stuff!

To order Shower Power bathroom cleaner, just visit their easy-to-use website.  A 2-pack of 32-ounce bottles costs $14.99 and a 64-ounce refill bottle is $13.99.  Buy 4 at a time to save a little $$.  If you love it as much as I do, let me know.  (Please read all directions before using.  This product should not be used on granite, marble, or any other natural stone surfaces because it will etch.)


Doug and Kristen said...

I've bought mine at Wal Mart or Target pretty recently. I live by that stuff!

Angie C said...

Why is it that everyone else seems to be able to find things at the store that I can't??? Oh well. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look again.

Michele said...

Don't feel bad. I haven't been about to find it in stores either, but now I'll look again.

Shelly said...

I just bought it online. They do not have it at my walmart. Online they asked how I was referred to the product and I posted a link to your blog. Maybe they will sponsor you. Cant wait to try it.

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