Jan 4, 2010

Nine Hundred Napkins, Please!

One of my favorite comic strips is Baby Blues.  It's like Jerry Scott follows my family around taking notes.  I'm not authorized to post the strip here, but one of my all-time favorites is No. 17 on the "Things That Don't Seem Unreasonable Unless You Have Kids" List, which is the restaurant with the 900-napkin limit.  Ha!  Just like the adorable Baby Blues family, at the end of a meal with my kids, the pile of used napkins on the table resembles Mt. Vesuvius.

At home, we used to use plain old cheapo paper napkins from Costco.  Typically one wipe of the mouth or hands and the napkin would be discarded and we'd reach for another.  Since the cheap paper napkins have the absorbency of a small piece of cardboard, we'd always go through at least 3 or 4 napkins per kid, per meal.  That really adds up to a lot of trash, not to mention, quite a bit of money over time.

The other day, I was in Target browsing (always an expensive activity) and saw a 12-pack of Room Essentials cloth buffet napkins for $9.99.  I then had quite the epiphany.  If I switch from paper napkins to cloth, I'll be saving the planet, saving money, and saving space in our trash can, all at the same time.  LOVE IT!!!

After a few days of using our new cloth napkins, I still love it. They take up hardly any space in the washer, and, unlike paper napkins, can be rinsed, rung out, and then double as washcloths to clean up the baby who always manages to get food on the back of his head (How???).  An added perk is that my girls and I feel quite fancy sitting down to dinner and placing a white cloth napkin on our laps.  My boys (including my husband) couldn't care less.

I haven't looked for cloth napkins at Walmart or Smart & Final, but I would imagine they carry inexpensive ones as well.  If you find some for less than Target, please leave a comment and let the rest of us know.


Alison said...

We use these as well....and I also bought 2 of the 12 packs of washcloths (bundled with a twill ribbon) that I use instead of paper towels.

Angie C said...

As always, great tip! Thanks Alison!

peaceliving said...

Greg thinks I'm nuts, but we've been using cloth for several months now. They are wrinkly and are "folded" by the boys during laundry duty so they aren't like your crisp white napkins (in fact, I purposely use dark colored ones because they get stained easily!) but I like the weight of them. I make my own with fat quarters from the sale bin at the fabric store. They're easy to make, but I admit it took me probably 6 months of having it on my to do list before I actually did it! We use them as paper towels as well. Well, I should say I use them as paper towels...Greg, not so much.

Angie C said...

Dark colored napkins are a great idea. I'm sure ours won't stay crisp and white for long.

Susan said...

Smart Idea...I honestly don't know why I haven't thought of that yet. We go through napkins like crazy!

I love that you go to Target as an activity as well. Your right, I never saw it as expensive either and realize now that I always spend tons when I go!

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