Jan 29, 2010

Old Navy Jacket in a Packet

Many thanks to Blue Hydrangea (a beautiful blog!) for leading me to this light-weight rain jacket from Old Navy they call a "Jacket In A Packet".  You pull the jacket out of the little pouch and the pouch winds up inside one of the jacket's side pockets.  Ingenius!  It's on sale now for only $19.50 (both in-store and online) and available in several bright colors.  I just ran out and picked myself up one and loooove it!
I had an awesome, light-weight, hooded rain jacket from Land's End for about 7 years that I absolutely loved.  Here in SoCal, when it rains, it's not necessarily cold, so I didn't need anything too heavy.  Well, they don't make it anymore and I had to get rid of mine last year when I realized it was literally falling apart.  Since then, I've been looking for a suitable replacement with no luck...until today!!!  Isn't the blogosphere wonderful?!  Of course, my timing is a little off since all of the heavy rainstorms are over.  At least I'll be prepared for the next downpour.  Bring it on.

As I type this, Diana is working on my blog makeover.  Can't wait to see what she's coming up with! 


Carin said...

Just went to Blue Hydrangea and that site is sick! ...in the good way. Of course it makes me realize how inferior my sense of style is, but gives me a goal, albeit a lofty one. Thanks for directing me to it. My husband, however, does not thank you. :)

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

love the look of your blog. I'm following from MBC. Come check out my blog when you get a chance.

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