Jan 8, 2010

Sweet Jelly Lip Gloss

Ok, I admit it.  I'm addicted to lip gloss. I'm not sure how many I have, but however many that is, it's not nearly enough.  Even when I wear lipstick (which is hardly ever), I have to glossify my lips or I feel undone.  There are a lot of fabulous glosses out there, but since this blog is all about affordable faves, I though I'd share with you my favorite drugstore gloss, Rimmel London Sweet Jelly Sheer Lipgloss.

(Although the label pictured reads "jelly gloss", the real label says "sweet jelly" in large letters.)

Two things that bother me about inferior gloss is when it is either too sticky or not quite sticky enough to stay put and evaporates away after 10 seconds of wear.  Sweet Jelly is thin and never goopy or sticky and stays put unless you kiss your baby a bunch right after applying it (I have that problem).  It is NOT a long-wearing gloss and doesn't pretend to be, but it's sweet, fruity scents make it a pleasure to apply over and over again.

Sweet Jelly Lipgloss comes in 10 cleverly named shades/scents that are pigmented enough to be noticeable, but still light and sheer, not shimmery.  I hate shimmery!  I'm into pink right now so my favorite shade is Candy Floss (see above).  There are several sites where you can get a free sample (like FreeStuff.com) but at around $2.75 a tube, it's not exactly a big loss if you don't like it.

A word of caution:  Although I've never had this problem, some reviewers of this gloss complained that the cap did not stay on and gloss leaked out inside their purse, so make sure to screw the cap on tightly!


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