Feb 26, 2010

Plink Your Sink

After I clean my kitchen from top to bottom, I usually stand in the middle of the floor and admire the cleanliness for awhile, basking in the glow of my tremendous accomplishment...but one thing always ruins it.  That would be the unmistakable odor wafting out of my garbage disposal!!!

I've tried dumping tons of baking soda down it and grinding up lemon peels.  I even took the advice from a "professional" I found online who recommended filling the sink with hot, soapy water and then as you unstop it, run the garbage disposal to create a cleaning whirlpool inside the disposal.  But, none of these things could get rid of the smell.  I think I just neglected it for too long and now I have enough disgusting microorganisms growing in there to make a petri dish jealous.

Bed Bath and Beyond is always a good place to scout out new products to try and that's where I discovered PLINK, a garbage disposal cleaner and deoderizer.  The package of 10 little colored spheres costs $3.99 and the instructions say to drop one in your running disposal twice a week (while running hot water) to "break up fat and food particles, wash away foul odors, and freshen your whole kitchen".  I was definitely skeptical, thinking that the foul odors in my disposal would be no match for a tiny yellow ball, the size of a marble.
also comes in orange citrus and lavender
I am delighted to say that I was wrong!  I "plinked" my sink 4 days ago, and haven't wrinkled my nose since!  It fills your home with a very pleasant lemony scent for a while after plinking.  I thought for sure that once that scent had faded, the odor would return.  No-siree-bobski!  I keep sticking my head in my sink and sniffing, just to make sure, and all I smell is nothing!!!  And, nothing never smelled so good!


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Domestica said...

I have alway wanted to try these! I might just have to take a litle trip out to BBB.

Rachel said...

I just stumbled across your blog as I googled "plink your sink"! I just bought some at walmart today and they are AMAZING!

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