Mar 25, 2010

Guest Post: Laptop Lunches by Amanda from Lunchbox Limbo

I have so much to tell all of you!  First of all, I apologize for neglecting my blog as of late.  Between 3 sick kids, a stray cat who decided to give birth in my garage, and a crisis at work, blogging, as much as I love it, hasn't made it into my busy days lately.  But I'm making it up to you with an awesome guest post from Amanda at Lunchbox Limbo.  She comes up with the most amazing, healthy, and fun lunches for her kiddos and she agreed to blog about a product she loves, the Laptop Lunches lunch box.  Enjoy!

"We love our laptop lunchboxes.   The kids love the different containers and fun colors.  I love the ease of cleaning, that the containers are SAFE (BPA free), how they conserve excess lunch trash and how they allow me to be creative with lunch!  It was a big transition at our house at the start of the school year, but Icky school lunches don't compare to packed lunches anymore!!  Lunch from our house is so much more than a bunch of prepackaged items thrown into a sack.  At our house, lunch is healthy and fun! 

Many adults use and love these boxes, since they really help with portion control and variety in your meal.  In our house though, the kids have taken them over!  They have really helped make lunch fun, exciting and healthy.  Having the food out of any packaging forces me to really see what I feed my children.

Laptop Lunchboxes, made by Obentec, Inc. are available directly through the manufacturer at  Use the code - LunchboxLimbo at checkout to receive 10% off of your order!"  

Ok, it's me again.  Aren't those the coolest?  I love how Amanda's lunches are incredibly nutritious, fun, and filling.  Bento boxes, of Japanese origin, have been around for a long time, but are becoming more and more popular because of the natural portion control built right in to each container.  Laptop lunches makes bentoware fun and functional as each piece has it's own tight fitting lid so you can pack salad dressings and dipping sauces with no worries about spilling.  The Bento Set 2.0 sells on the website for $24.99, but don't forget about the coupon code!  Thanks for the great guest post, Amanda!

I've got a couple great products that I'm trying out for you.  Hopefully life will give me a bit of a break so I can tell you all about them.  Have a great weekend!


Dina said...

laptop lunches are the shiznet. we love them although i wish i had the time and talent to carve out some of those cool things. following from mbc/fff

Show Me Mama said...

I am your new follower from MBC (FFF) Come visit when you get a chance.

Mrs. Sanchez said...

Seriously, that doggy sandwich is amazing. :) The laptop lunchboxes look pretty good too.

I'm following. found you via MBC.

Follow back at

Krissy @ ArtsyMom said...

I always wanted to make my kids healthy lunches in those boxes. I just never knew what they were called so I could buy them! LOL Now I know

Blommi (formerly reddoggie) said...

Those lunches are so cute. I love the boxes.

Now following from MBC.

Sweet & Sassy Gals said...

They are the cutest ever. I love the face foods.

Shine said...

Wowzers, those are the bomb!
I have bookmarked the site, because I gotta get me some of those. I love making meals fun because I find that my Monster eats better when I do...and who doesn't want to have fun?!

Following from MBC.
Please follow back, could use the support!

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