Mar 18, 2010

A Quick $$ Saving Tip

A friend of mine gave me this tip, so many thanks to her!!!

What do you do with a new kind of hair conditioner that you bought on a whim, but then realized it's awful stuff and a huge waste of money???

Do you...
A.  Use it anyway and walk around with hair that feels like straw so you don't waste the money you spent.
B.  Let it sit in your shower for months because you feel too guilty to throw it away and waste the money you spent.
C.  Say, "To heck with it!" and throw it away and waste the money you spent.
D.  Shave your under arms and legs with it.

I'm not going to tell you the correct answer, but I will tell you that, I'm now saving a bundle on shaving gel and the huge bottle of Pantene conditioner in my shower is actually getting used up! 

Do you have a favorite product that works great for something other than for what it's intended?


Valerie said...

I can't think of any products right now, but I have used conditioner when I ran out of shaving gel and it works great and keeps my legs smooth!

Jessica-MKZ said...

I've also found that really bad shampoos work great for shaving! LOL. I was given this horrible Bubble Bath/Shampoo/Body wash from Bath and Body Works. I'm sorry, but the fact that my "shampoo" isn't just a shampoo, is a huge red flag. LOL.

~ Yolie ~ said...

ha ha haha. I love the last option about shaving your underarms and legs with it. that's probably what I would do. Believe it or not, my all time favorite shampoo is Suave. I can usually pick it up at Target for only a couple of dollars, it smells great and works even better than some of the more expensive salon shampoo's that i have tried over the last few years.

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