Apr 19, 2010

Food Pod Giveaway Winner! (better late than never)

This post is a few days overdue.  After 3 days away from reality, it was really hard to get myself back into gear.

Before I announce the winner of my latest giveaway, I just have to gush about Palm Desert.  I would avoid this place like the plague in the summer, but in the late winter and early spring, the weather is AWESOME!!!  Beautiful blue skies, bright sun and an abundance of wild flowers makes the desert an ideal place to rid yourself of those winter blues and get your body cranking out some serious vitamin D.  Throw in the great restaurants, fabulous shopping and an abundance of day spas, and you've got yourself a getaway fit for a goddess...which is what we all are, right?

I want to thank everyone for the kind things you said about my blog.  I really wasn't fishing for compliments, I just wanted some honest opinions about how I can improve my blog, but I'm grateful just the same.

So...the winner of the totally cool, jellyfish-like, extremely useful Food Pod is...


Congrats Krystal, and have fun cooking things in boiling water!

Now that my blog is gaining a little momentum, I should be able to have these giveaways more often.  
Yeah for you!!!


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