Apr 20, 2010

The Many Faces Of Magic Eraser

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a product I'm sure most of you have tried and love.  But did you know that this white, rectangular-shaped, spongy bar of magic can be used for soooo much more than just erasing your kids' works of art off of the wall?  You know that I love my multitaskers, and because the Magic Eraser is such an effective and versatile cleaner, it ranks near the top on my list of fave cleaning products!

I've compiled a little list of some of my favorite uses. 

Scours sinks, counter tops and cook tops
Cleans the inside of the oven door
Cleans textured handles and doors of appliances (mine are white and get so dirty from my kids, the magic eraser is the only thing that gets them clean)
Cleans the grease off the top of oven hoods
Removes scuffs off of floors and baseboards
Cleans white tennis shoes and doll faces
Cleans the grout in between tile floors and counters
Cleans any painted wood surface (it works wonders on my girls' white bunk beds and desk)
Cleans mini and wooden blinds
Removes hard water spots off of bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures
Cleans the greasy knobs and buttons on virtually anything we touch often (ovens, microwaves, computers, light switch plates)

The Magic Eraser is made of melamine foam, which, once dampened, disintegrates as you scrub and leaves behind a gritty film, so make sure you wipe the surface with a damp cloth after cleaning.  I would not recommend using this product on a wall or surface painted with flat paint.  It will remove some of the color.  To make your erasers go farther, cut them in half or in thirds and use in smaller sections.  I've tried no-name brands of this product and some work as well as Mr. Clean and some do not.  I've been most impressed with Target's version.

If you've discovered any other cool uses for Magic Erasers, please share!  All moms love a good cleaning tip.
Am I right!?


california smiths said...

Thanks Angie! I immediately went and cleaned my sink (which I could never get clean enough and it worked like a charm!) and then continued on with the baseboards and then the tile. Great ideas that I had never thought of!!

Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

I use the magic eraser to clean my resin table and chairs in the yard and the walls of my pool. i go throgh a few of them and sometimes i have to use a little elbow grease but they work better than other cleaners i tried to use

Emily said...

What! Those things are for scrubbing? Just don't tell Chris or he'll want me to do some actual cleaning around here.....

Susie and Cody said...

I used a magic eraser to remove pen marks from my pig suede rodeo queen dress and it worked great

Tracy said...

I love my magic eraser...it cleans everything I can't! Following from MBC,

I have a great contest on the go if you're interested :O)

Kelly said...

it works awesome for getting crayon off of my LCD TV (oh the joys of motherhood)

jewelknits said...

I love the Magic Eraser! I got a sample from the company when they first introduced it and was able to FINALLY clean a kid-decorated (with crayons and other sundries) wall that I just KNEW I was actually going to have to paint over! I had tried everything (and some of the things I tried actually erased some of the paint on the wall!) This is a staple in my house now!

Following you from MBC!

Tiffany said...

I LOVEEE Magic Eraser!! Following from MBC.

~Sophisticate Style ~ said...

Just today, I used it to clean the grass stains from my son's favorite shoes.

William Cane said...

I love Magic Eraser because it remove paint scratches on my car from minor fender benders.Magic Eraser Foam

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