May 19, 2010

Bilibo...A Very Versitile (and Unusual) Toy

I was recently given the opportunity to visit CSN Store's website and pick out just about anything I wanted to review for you.  Once I saw the Bilibo, I knew I had found something worth blogging about.
You know how very often, your kids have more fun playing with the box a toy came in than the actual toy?  In many ways, the box is better because in order to play with it, your kids need to use their imagination to define what the box is, what it does, and how to play with it.  The Bilibo is very similar in my mind.  At first sight, it's not obvious what it is or how a child might play with it.  But that's the beauty of it.  It can become so many different things for different children.  All four of my kids like to play with it and they range in age from 1 to almost 9.

Just a couple things my kids like to do with their Bilibo.

My son was pretending to be Darth Vader, but I think he looks more like this guy from The Return of the Jedi.  If any of you actually know this character's name, you are a big nerd I'll be really impressed.

The Bilibo comes in 6 bright colors and sells on CSN Stores website for $28.99 and right now, this item ships for FREE!  The recommended age is 2-7 but a one year old can have a lot of fun with supervision.   Enjoy!


Emily said...

I've seen those before....super-cool!! My kids just like playing with anything out of the recycle bin! (Chris says: "just like their mom to play with trash")

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