Jul 7, 2010

What's Been Happenin...

Since I haven't blogged in almost a month, I decided to let those of you who are still remotely interested in my blog know why.  It's been a really busy couple of months and unfortunately,  blogging has taken a back seat as of late. 

To give you an idea of what we've been up to, here's a glimpse...

...the purchase, cleaning, painting, and general repairing of a cute little rental house in Temecula that will hopefully be the beginning of our real estate empire (hahaha) or at least a little money in the bank in the very long term.

...the decision to homeschool my two oldest in the fall and starting some of the curriculum with them in July to get a head start.  I'm already feeling overwhelmed.

 ...quitting my day job and starting a career as a freelance writer for Livestrong.com (and hopefully other nutrition-related sites in the future).

...visits from various family members from up north.

...swimming lessons for all.

...trying to finish up various sewing, decorating, and home improvement projects.

...training and running the Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run in June, and now training for the Camp Pendleton half marathon in September.

...and of course caring for 4 kids and a house while my hubby is gone 12+ hours a day.

Whew!  I'm tired from just typing it all.  I'm still hoping to dash off a quick post now and again when I come across a great product.  And maybe someday I'll get back to doing this more regularly. 


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